Deck the Halls

Christmastime always makes me reflect. The pink room to the right, taken from the White House during the Reagan era, reminds me of my mother's formal living room. Her formal living room is pink and holds the family portraits. My favorite is of my mother as a child. The story of her portraiture begins with my grandmother taking painting classes. Unbeknownst to my grandmother, her art teacher had snapped a picture of my mother at a flower market and began painting the picture. My grandmother recognized the subject in the painting as my mother from the purse she was carrying. My grandmother convinced her art teacher to finish the piece as a commissioned project. Now it is decked on the pink wall. When I enter the formal living room, I am reminded of our laughter, conversations, and cheer that have taken place amongst the portraits. That is one of my sweetest holiday memories. Xoxo-BLC


  1. That is so sweet!!! I'm seriously getting teary eyed!

  2. SO sweet! My great aunt had a portrait painted of me as a gift for her sister (my grandmother). It is something that our family will forever cherish because she passed away before she could give it to my grandmother this year. Not only is it an amazing addition to my grandmother's home, but we will always remember my great aunt when looking at it.


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