Stir It Up

Coffee makes me happy. Really happy. You cannot imagine my excitement when I found the "I am not a paper cup" porcelain mug. It looks just like a white paper cup, but is reusable (go green), microwavable, and dishwasher safe. DailyCandy then leaves me an email with the coffee cup cuff tempting me. I mean, you can cuff your mug (to keep the hands from singeing of course) or wear it as jewelry. Practical and stylish. Love it! Get your drink on, coffee drink that is. Xoxo-BLC  


  1. I feel the very same away about Diet Coke. :) I guess I don't need a cuff for that though.

  2. Haha, coozies are probably a better decoration. I'll keep my eye out for one that doubles as a bracelet B! Xoxo-BLC


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