Get Carded

Spoiler alert! But, by popular demand, here it is, my Christmas card! The inside reads, "Have a sweet holiday." How adorable!? Sujean Rim of DailyCandy illustrated the card for the Robin Hood Foundation. The best part, the proceeds support the foundation's cause: poverty in New York City. According to Ghandi, "Poverty is the worst form of violence." You can help fight poverty this Christmas by donating food/clothing/money, volunteering at your local soup kitchen, praying for those in need ... be creative, there are a million ways to lend a helping hand! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Those are adorable. I love her illustrations!

  2. Too cute! Thanks for the visit to my blog and thanks for the help in the purse. I am totally going to check it out. I became your first blog follower! Follow mine! Looking forward to reading!


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