I ♥ Clemson

We are beyond excited that Clemson played in a BSC bowl ...
its a bigger deal than I understand and I am thrilled its in Miami!!!
Of course I wish the scoreboard didn't work/stopped working/couldn't count that high.
Orrrr that the Tigers actually played well. Bigger and better hopes for next year!!!

All in all, I wouldn't have missed this game: another chance to cheer on the Tigers,
support my college, and visit with college chums that live all over the country.
We had so much fun with the couple we went with and I was elated
to run into one of my college best friends. How did I not know she would be there!?!
We decided the Train concert was the highlight. I mean just look it it!!!
A sea of orange, fireworks, good music, what's not to love!?!
I cannot wait to see the Clemson Tigers in Fall of 2012!!!
Until then ... THE REMOTE IS MINE!!! Bye college football.


  1. I always love hearing nice things about Clemson!! I think that's where I'm going to go next year and it's a good feeling knowing so many love it! As far as the scoreboard goes...I don't have too many words but no one can take away the great season they had this year. Jealous you went!! Virginia

  2. Ohhh please share where you purple top and pink pashma is from? Love your blog!!

  3. Hi Anonymous! The purple wrap is from Lilly Pulitzer and I am 99% certain the pashmina is from a stand in the Charlotte airport. I went through a phase where I picked up a new color every time I flew. I hope this helps and happy shopping!!! Xoxo-BLC


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