Love & Theft

I think this is just wild: Olive My Life, Polka Dots & Protein Bars, and I attended high school with Eric from Love & Theft. I remember the first time I heard their song on the radio. I was clerking this summer, riding in the car with an attorney, and I flipped out (think-pre-teen-boy-crush-squeals). Totally professional. Anyhoo, I am so proud of Eric and the band. Cheers to Love & Theft for making the BIG TIME! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Oh, and another thing ... one of the back up guitarists from the Jimmy Fallon performance is playing at our wedding!! :)


  1. I love Love & Theft. I watched an interview with them the other day and Stephen (I think - he was wearing a hood so it could have been Eric - this was footage from a while back!) just broke into tears talking about getting a record deal. Apparently he had less than a dollar in his account the day he signed with Lyric Street.

  2. yay Eric!!!! remembering praise band days!! lol


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