Curious Me

I am curious ...
1. Where do you think I go to law school?
2. Do you think I am a Republican or Democrat?
3. Do you know what BLC stands for?
4. Do you think I am under 25 or over 25?
Are you curious too? I'll post answers on Friday. Xoxo-BLC


  1. 1) Duke?
    2) Republican?
    3) Either your initials or something to do with law? (really, no clue)
    4) Under 25....

  2. Love this post!!! Hmmm. I think you go to school in the Northeast somewhere. I think you are a democrat. I have no clue what BLC stands for!! I think you're over 25! Can't wait to learn the truth!

  3. 1) Duke!
    2) Republican... an educated guess.
    3) have to be your initials!
    4) you don't look a day older than 24!

    answers should be exciting!

  4. I'll go with Republican, and I'll say the University of South Carolina for law school :) We're all under twenty-five, right?! :) Happy Monday, BLC!

  5. I won't cheat and give the answers I know away. But I DON'T know what BLC stands for. Maybe the L stands for LAW or LILY. The C maybe COMPANY or CLASS.

  6. Fun!

    Ummm...Clemson, Republican, your initials & under 25. :-)

  7. This is fun!!

    -BLC Brunette Legal Cutie (obvs!!)
    -I say you are 25, so over your 25th birthday, but still enjoying the climb to 26!

  8. uhh... harvard?
    maybe like 1 year over 25?

  9. This is almost impossible for me...
    -no guesses on law school
    -thinking a Republican
    -perhaps your initials?
    -24 - 25 - 26ish

    Cannot wait for the answers,

  10. 1. I don't wanna give it away but I know this one
    2. Republican
    3. Beautiful Lovely Christian :)
    4. I bet that you ARE 25

    ps LOVE this game!!

  11. Here are my guesses:
    1. Harvard
    2. Republican
    3. No clue on the letters BLC...
    4. Under 25 :)

  12. Fun!
    1. On the east coast and not SEC haha
    2. dem
    3. Initials?
    4. hmm are you 2L, 3L, go to grad school? So many q's! I say 24 or 25 :P

  13. I know what BLC stands for :-)

    I know you definitely don't go to Clemson because we'd hang out if you did. I actually know where you go because you pop up in my friend suggestions on facebook since we have a few mutual friends. I'm just not stalkerish enough to add you. :-)

    As for the other two... not sure. I think you are a Republican like the majority of Clemson and over 25.

  14. I'm not sure where you go to school :(

    BLC has to be something really cute knowing your cute blog!

    I think you're a Republican and that you're under 25!

  15. If you aren't a prepublican I might have to defriend you.

  16. OK...

    1. Duke (Ewwwwwwwwwww. :) )
    2. Republican
    3. Your initials
    4. I bet you ARE 25!

  17. 1. Duke
    2. Republican
    3. I have no idea!
    4. Under 25

  18. I have NO idea but am dying to hear the answers. You might surprise us and be a Democrat. These things have been known to happen:). Some place good for law school since you are so smart...

  19. I feel like a cheater because I know the answers to most of these! Nevertheless, I like participating in these kinds of quizzes, so....
    1. I know this one already.
    2. I am guessing Republican, but a LIBERAL Republican.
    3. I sure do!
    4. Right on the cusp of both!

  20. Verrra cute post. I cannot wait to see what you reveal. xoxo

  21. Fun, fun! Let's see...

    1. UVA
    2. Republican
    3. I always just assumed they were your initials!! Hmmm...Burma Lawyer's Council? (okay, okay...I was Googling for an answer!)
    4. I'm going to say over 25, but JUST BARELY!

  22. Duke
    I know what the initals stand for,but won't say
    I'll say "25"

  23. 1.Duke
    2.I know, but won't say
    4.Exactly 25

  24. What a great post! i was cracking up reading everyone's guesses!!


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