Fruits and Veggies

Did someone say BANANAS!?!?!

 At our four month check up, the doctor gave us the green light to introduce fruits and veggies. Squeak isn't a BIG eater, but she is a pretty good eater. She has consistently gained weight and been a healthy baby - we are so thankful and blessed about this. She isn't so sure about the spoon and the colorful food, but we are still trying. We started with sweet potatoes and then bananas. Sweet potatoes were sort of a bust, but bananas bring a lot of excitement! The video shows Gigi feeding her ... and the boys are watching football - ha! Squeak LOVES the TV (we aren't even in the running for parents of the year). Any tricks of the trade to get your baby to eat those yummy fruits and veggies!?! I'm all ears!!! Xoxo-BLC

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