I Sea Lions!!!

My parents visited San Francisco earlier this year and one of the things my dad said was a must-see: the sea lions!!! Truth be told ... you can smell them before you see them. S-t-i-n-k-y!!!
Look at this one all by himself. Such a cutie!!! I'm jelly of his tan. 
Pier 39 was quite the scene. It was crowded ... not just with sea lions.
They were cute all packed in there. Some nuzzled, some fussed, some sunbathed.
I couldn't believe I caught two of them kissing. How cute!?!
Per usual, my dad was right: the sea lions were a must-see and I am so glad we made the trip down Pier 39.  Of course I wanted to take one home, but I couldn't pick just one. Xoxo-BLC

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  1. The sounds they make cracked me up, when we were there!!


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