Vegas, Baby! Vegas!

For our last night, we dined at Mix in Mandalay Bay and oh was it delish.
Mix is a mixture of heaven and hell, the restaurant being heaven and the bar being hell.
It was interesting to say the least ... and we stayed on the heaven side.
Their rooftop view was ah-mazing. Did you know you can see the Luxor
Pyramid from space. That is WILD!!! The group snap shot:
 We headed to Paris for a cocktails --- the Ark de Triumph looks just like the Arc de Triomphe.
Vegas is like a one stop shop for an around the world trip. Italian gondola, pyramids, eiffel towers.
Stella had the best bach party everrr and we maids did too. It was such a fun group of girls ... and I only spent $75.00 (not including the hotel or airfare), but being part of a pretty group of girls sure goes a loooong way in Vegas. And, while it is Sin City, it doesn't mean you have to be part of the sin. Xoxo-BLC

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