Touchdowns and Tailgates

I prefer Lilly gowns to touchdowns, but who can turn down a good tailgate? In my house, football is close to religion. This is cliche considering my father is a minister and a former college football player. The family will be there cheering for Duke. Ale and I are pulling for Clemson too [Tigers, I really need you to win because I already purchased my bowl outfit ... for the tailgate of course!] Go Devils and goooooo Tigers! Xoxo-BLC
Duke v. UNC Clemson v. USC


  1. Clemson beats USC 31 to 14. Woo hoo! Xoxo-BLC

  2. Duke lost 28 to 20. Boo hoo! Great season Devils. We will be there next year to cheer you on. Xoxo-BLC

  3. Hello, Gator Bowl. Here we come! Xoxo-BLC


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