Home Stretch

My childhood home will belong to another child soon. The parental units are moving (remember this post). Tres sad!!! The good news: home is where the heart is. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I remember when our home was sold (7 years ago). It's tough!

  2. you're in my thoughts and prayers- I was lucky enough like you to have grown up in the same house my entire life- cannot bear the thought of how hard this must be.

    will be keeping you in my thoughts


  3. What a beautiful house to have called home!

    I have moved several times and it is difficult saying good-bye to a house.

  4. Tough moving, but it's okay! I remember when my parents moved from our childhood home [thier 1st home]- very sad! However, they did the typical Grosse Pointe move - one block over and a couple blocks closer to the lake! I still drive by my childhood home, but haven't been inside since my parents sold the house.

  5. I know this is hard! You are right, home is where the heart is but there is a little piece of your heart in that home. Go through the rooms and take pics and then: BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! I know you will....and they will too!

  6. I remember when my mom sold our childhood home. I had a good cry. I could never go home again but it made my home with my own family even more meaningful. Beautiful home you grew up in and obviously with love.


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