Lillified Maternity Shorts ...

I've been up a creek about maternity clothes. Until now, I've been able to wiggle by with bigger sizes and forgiving cuts. But well into my third trimester, maternity clothes are a must. My biggest complaint: there aren't any cute maternity clothes and the semi-cute ones are ridiculously expensive. Basics aren't really a problem: Gap, Old Navy, and ASOS have that covered. I've shopped some at Rosie Pope but find the fit off (and the price high). I do LOVE More of Me Maternity ... but she is still on hiatus (PLEASE COME BACK SOOOOON!!!). If you know of any maternity-musts, pretty please share!!!
One of my favorite summertime staples: Lilly shorts!!! So I decided to go Martha Stewart on three pairs of Lilly shorts to help me build my summertime-third-trimester-wardrobe. I traced my oh-so-comfy Old Navy maternity jeans on each pair of shorts. For the two pair on the left, I used microfiber tank tops and cut off about half the tank. For the pair on the right, I used the belly band. The tanks are cheaper, but both worked just the same. The hardest part was stretching the microfiber fabric to match the cotton shorts --- I used the back of a chair and pinned away. I was shocked that each pair took less than 15 minutes. So dish: any other beginner sewing tricks to help make it through the last trimester?!? Don't forget to dish if you know of any super cute maternity lines!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. That was brilliant! I had my little one in Feb and was so greatful for maternity jeans and layering my cardigans over maternity tanks, not sure what I would do in the summer heat. Hope you stay comfortable, healthy and of course stylish!

  2. Look at you! I love this idea! Lilly designers ... time to branch out to a maternity line! Maybe you could take on the role as a designer :)

  3. Genius! I have zero sewing skills, so I never attempted to make maternity clothes during my pregnancy. Sine my son was born in March, I never had to deal with summer heat, but my go-to was lots of basics with colorful layers of jewelry. Bonus is that I can still wear all of the fun accessories post baby!

  4. I ended up getting a lot of my maternity clothes, including the most comfortable Maternity Shorts I own-- which I ended up getting three pairs of--at Burlington Coat Factory. I love their prices. Most of what I bought was half what I had seen it for anywhere else.


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