Spoiled Stewart

The best part of Stewart's day everyday is our evening walk. He LOVES it. It's not always the highlight of my day ... but sometimes it is. I definitely unwind on our walks and enjoy the fresh air.
 I know Stewart was an "old dog" when he came to live with us, but we did teach him new tricks: sit, stay, drop, shake. He knew a few things like not getting on furniture ... which we've totally ruined.
What we cannot seem to break him of: jumping on house guests and the excitement pee. Maybe it is just the Springer in him, but I am convinced we can at least break the jumping on house guests. He weighs almost 60 pounds (yes, he is a HUGE for the breed) and could knock you over without much effort. Its absolutely obnoxious. Of course he is perrrfect when its just us at home, but I hate feeling like I need to restrain him or put him up when company comes over. Why can't he just be as he always is with us!?! So any dog-whispers have any tricks for "down dog" and "no leaks please"?!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Missy, our springer, was the same way with jumping on guests and piddling. We always god frustrated too! But gosh darn he's so cute!!

  2. Hi, I learned this tip from a friend and it's worked for me. When someone come over have Stewart go to a down stay. Have him stay in it for at least 15 minutes, an half hour if you can. When you release him, he should have forgotten about it. He sounds really smart so I'm sure he can do it. Another thing that's worked for me is to always have a toy handy and give them that and mine prance off. I have big boys too, a 98 lb long haired German shepherd and a 65 lb border collie.


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