Baby Update

Here is our little peanut at 20 weeks ... which was quite some time ago, but better late than never:
I had three ultrasounds because I apparently didn't drink enough Coke or eat enough chocolate to get our bean bouncing. My husband and in-laws came for the first visit and the tech couldn't see major organs or the gender (which was no problem since we want it to be a surprise). Four weeks later, the second ultrasound cleared everything but the legs and feet. Of course the next four weeks were filled with every worry under the sun of what could be wrong with the legs and feet. But the last ultrasound appointment showed everything was perfect. My mom went with me to that one and it sure was fun seeing our baby up close, heart beating fast, and kicking away. I am beyond thankful to have this baby growing in my belly and cannot wait to meet him/her soon!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Do you think its a BOY or GIRL!?!? I thought it was a girl until two months ago and now I am convinced it is a boy. My mister thinks its a girl ... who will be right!?!


  1. i think girl!!!! But both are so much fun in different ways! SO thrilled for y'all!!!

  2. Definitely thinking those look like a little girl button nose and lips!! xoxo, E

  3. I vote boy! What an exciting time for you all - I am so glad you all have the all clear from the ultrasound. I am sure that was stressful.



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