THE Bangles

Mamatella was recently shopping at On A String and visiting with Anne and Christine,
when they introduced her to THE BANGLES!!! They generously sent her home with
four for me and OH MY WORD --- I think they are to die for and I just love them to pieces.
You can shop the set above called: the Rosemary Bangle Set.
As you can see up close below: there is a mint green, coral, neutral clover,
and charmed bangle. I have been wearing these NONE stop.
Of course I wore them to a friends baby shower and what do you know:
the mom-to-be and grandmother-to-be were BOTH sporting
THE BANGLES by On A String.
I just cannot get enough of these sets. They are perrrrfect for stacking with each other or other bracelets/watches. I highly suggest jumping over to On A String --- if you live in Charlotte, see them in Myers Park, if don't: shop online anytime!!! Many thanks to Anne and Christine for THE best bangles and I just love them to pieces.

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