Showered with Lots of Love

My sweet friends threw me the most ah-mazing baby shower!!! 
I had the BEST time celebrating our little peanut with family and friends.
I was completely blown away by the hostesses. 
They completely out did themselves and every detail was perrrrfect.
Instead of unwrapping each present, each guest took a present whether theirs or not, and we all opened at once. Then everyone went around the room saying who the gift was from and what it was. I have seen this done at showers before and LOVED it at my own - plus, I'm not sure of all the proper names of baby stuff (burp cloths look a lot like swaddle blankets right now ...) 
From the silver to the china, it was so much girly fun. And the food was divine!!!
They know I am aiming for a lamb themed nursery and there were lambs everywhere: from the invitation, to the banner, to the cupcake toppers, even one of their presents: a precious lamb painting.
One of my favorite shops made the cupcakes and oh-my-word are they TDF. I could eat 100.
Do you spy the lamb cupcake topper above!?!
Princess Grace was sweet enough to let us invade her house for a Saturday. She was such a good sport and melted every guests heart --- just look at that face!!! I am sooo touched by my sweet friends generosity to host and throw such an ah-mazing baby shower. I have never had such a fun time at a shower or been so impressed with each detail. I feel incredibly blessed to welcome this baby into our friend family!!! 


  1. Love! Someone mentioned doing the gifts that way at my shower but all the hostesses REFUSED!

  2. What a lovely shower! So special!!! Looks like it was a wonderful and joyful day!

  3. what a sweet pup and the food looks delish!!

  4. The food looks wonderful and I'll babysit for you if you send me that recipe for that salad. I could dive into that picture with a fork!!

  5. The food looks wonderful! I will babysit for you if you send me the recipe for that salad. I could dive right into that photo with a fork!!


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