Sea of Orange

We headed to Clemson, South Carolina this weekend for the Clemson v. UNC game.
I ♥ spending Fall weekends in Clemson. I was BEYOND excited for this game in particular ...
... I sported my new Elizabeth McKay dress. If you look very closely at the print, you can see a "liger." It might really be a lion, but as a Clemson fan, I am pushing for liger (lion + tiger = liger). The dress was beyond comfortable and chic too. I simply must add other prints of this Lindsey dress: I am eyeing the zebra print and, if Clemson keeps on winning, the purple chain print is a must must must.
We carried two UNC friends and had a ball tailgating, glamping, and dining at all our favorite spots: Pixie and Bills, The Esso, and, of course, Pot Belly Deli. As a huge Duke fan and Clemson fan, beating UNC is always my favorite!!! I still keep pinching myself and hardly know what to do with all these Clemson wins. All I can say is: "woo hoo hoo hoo" and "GO TIGERS!!!" Xoxo-BLC

PS: Running into Beantown Prepster's college roommate and squeezing Classic Annie just made the day that much more special!!! Check out Classic Annie's blog as she reported her first time in Tiger Town. :)


  1. Even though I'm a Vol I love cheering on Clemson. One of M's former players plays for Clemson and has been making some really big plays lately!

  2. LOVE the dress in honor of Clemson. Fabulous!

  3. yes loving your outfit! and that game looks like so much fun!!!


  4. I read Classic Annies post about the day, looks like so much fun was had by all! Clemson is having a great year :)


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