Grecian Sandal God

I've read about Pandelis Melissino in Daily Candy, Frommer's, and, the best literature: Lilly's Blog. He is the Grecian Sandal God!!! As a third generation sandal maker, I would say he owns the trick of the trade.
The Melissino family has created custom shoes and fit them to the like of the Beatles, Sophia Loren, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis ... need I say more!?! I just had to have a pair.
As a graduate of Parsons School of Design, Pandelis is an amazing artist: from sandals to art to poetry to everything in between. It was so fun watching him work in his studio and storefront.
With over 27 styles to choose from, it was one tough tough tough decision. I was super tempted by the Jackie O flip flop, but I ended up picking Socrates. Such a smart choice, wouldn't you agree!?! :)
When we arrived home, I couldn't wait to show 'em off to Joeytella. He might not have fully appreciated custom shoes as he prefers going barefoot. If you are ever in Athens, you must must must stop and visit Pandelis!!! Xoxo-BLC

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