Ta-Ta for now Greece ...

It was far away from home and a looong time to be gone, but this has been a trip of a lifetime and of course I didn't want it to end. I definitely didn't want to squeeze Beantown Prepster goodbye ... sniff sniff.
Our first day was sooo busy, that we had an easy day planned. We ate a leisurely breakie at the King George Palace where I sampled all the cakes (cake for breakfast!?! Count me in!!!). Mamatella and Beantown Prepster had less-tummy-ache inducing nibbles. We sipped champagne before returning to our hotel room to ...
... watch the changing of the guard. We saw all this commotion on Sunday, not realizing that was their big to-do. Regardless, watching the rainy changing of guard from the comfort of our room was just as special.
We then dodged the rain by shopping up a storm!!! Beantown Prepster was so gracious letting me go into Zara, H&M, and the like. It was such a fun, special last day. I miss Greece already, but I miss Beantown Prepster more!!! Until next time ... ta-ta for now. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Mamatella snapped the picture above to show the police presence. I read before leaving the Greece had very low crime rates. We felt safe all hours of the day. The strikes and demonstrations were peaceful, both having very little impact on our travel. If you are thinking of traveling to Greece, I highly highly highly recommend it. They love travelers and are super welcoming. Just be sure to let me know when you go and I just might tag along!!! :)


  1. I loved hearing all about your trip to Greece and seeing all you fabulous photos!

  2. Where is your white dress/tunic from? cute outfit!


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