Meet Me in Monte Carlo

This past summer, I lived under rock while studying for the bar exam. However, I did keep up with your blogs (I always read even if I am terrrrible at leaving comments), and I felt as though the summer blockbusters were the best-ever-girls-only-flicks. It probably had more to do with my no-fun-policy than anything else, but I was beyond delighted when Glitterista added the preview for Monte Carlo ...
I am a huge fan of Leighton Meester: from her style to her character Blair on Gossip Girl to her songs to her movies. Now that I am free to have as much fun as I want, I recently saw this movie and I might-have-sort-of-did squeal like a teenager through the entire movie. It was really too cute for words!!! Many thanks to Glitterista for sharing it first and let's meet in Monte Carlo, shall we!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I did the same thing!!! I squealed like a teen the entire way through! Glad to know I wasn't the only one!!!

  2. Such a cute movie! At first, I protested (Lizzie McGuire anyone?) but not even five minutes in, I was hooked! Perfect for a girls night in!

  3. I'll start packing right away! ;) xoxoxo


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