Edge + City = Acropolis

Our first day in Athens was a BIG day. With threats of rain and a transportation strike, we had to get all our must-sees done asap!!! We headed straight for the Acropolis. It was ah-mazing. Pictures don't do it justice. You can see it all around the city and from each view it had me awestruck.
We booked it to the world famous flea market. I must admit, I see shopping as a competitive sport and I was a tad disappointed. The finds were fabulous if you were an antique hunter, but not so much if you need to fly home. Next on the docket: the National Archeological Museum and it was lovely. I could have spent a week there, but unfortunately, we had to pack EVERYTHING into one day. We hightailed it back to the Acropolis to visit their museum and oh-my-goodness was it the BEST ever. By far a must-see!!! Phew, I'm tired just thinking of all we did and we aren't even done ... Xoxo-BLC

PS: Isn't Beantown Prepster too cute for words!?! I just wuv her.

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  1. you two look so cute! the scenery looks beautiful!!


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