Knossos Palace

We visited Knossos Palace a day late due to the strikes. We were pleasantly surprised to learn the Greeks announce strikes before they actually strike. That made swapping our plans seamless. 
The crowds were huge, but having such a small tour group, we just weaved in and out quickly. I'm thrilled we didn't miss this place ... it was incredible!!!
I still cannot imagine this monstrosity being built before Christ. The whole place had me in awe!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I didn't check my luggage, so packing efficiently was a must. The weather could not have been better. It ranged from a high of 80s to mid 60s at night. It only rain on the last leg of our trip. Anyhoo, I packed two of my favorite tennis tops that have managed to sneak into my everyday wardrobe (one pictured above). Both are by Loup. The Raglan Ruffle Top and the White Ruffle Sleeves are breathable, easy to wash'n'dry in a jiffy, and beyond comfy. And chic too!!! Just to share the Loup Love, I am giving away TWO of the Loup Country Club Totes!!! To win, be the first and second to email me at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com with your addy. Good luck and fingers crossed you win!!! :)

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  1. I was going to comment on how chic you look while traveling before I read your tip! What a great top that does double duty. ;)


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