Touchdowns and Tailgates

Last year we attended the Clemson v. Auburn game in Auburn (see that post here).
We were thrilled for the rematch: 
for a new game and to play with Clemson chums and Auburn chums alike.
Above, the most exciting 25 seconds in college football just happened!!!
It was a nail-biting, up and down first half ...
... but by the fourth quarter we were smiling ear to ear!!!
It was such a good game and a win for our Clemson Tigers feels ah-mazing. 
I am so very much looking forward to meeting this team again ...
... say next year in Atlanta!?! Until then, cheers to touchdowns and tailgates.

PS: Our Auburn friends were shocked that we left the game at half-time to tailgate. Win or loose, we tailgate before, at half-time, and after the game in Clemson!!! :)
PSS: My friend Wren (far left with her sweet baby) is wearing the Chewbeads. Mommy and Baby both agree: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
 PPS: And ... Lola's Journey To and From (far right) is the one who told us about the Chewbeads. Genius!!!


  1. Loved seeing your smiling face...even if it was for just a few! Love you bunches!!

  2. What a great game!! The photo of the balloons is fabulous and captures such a cool moment!

  3. That was such an exciting game. One of husband's former players plays at Clemson so we were watching intently.

  4. looks like fun! Where is your dress from?

  5. you look gorgeous-love the outfit so much!


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