Don't Miss Missoni

One of the top fashion houses is debuting their line at Tar-jey this week: Missoni for Target and it looks ah-mazing!!! I have oogled Missoni in Vogue for over 15 years. Their line is always timeless, classic, elegant, and a signature staple. I cannot wait to add one of these pieces to my wardrobe:
I once saw Oprah interview Margherita Missoni, the muse of Missoni and granddaughter of Missoni's founder. One snippet stuck with me: Margherita said her grandmother, Rosita, told her you can show skin on top or on the bottom, but never both. So wise!!! Off to shop the new collection ... Xoxo-BLC

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  1. I saw that interview as well! She was so down to earth! Can't wait to see the line in person.


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