It's About Thai!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting A. Liz Adventures way back in March (see that post here) and it was about thai we met up again!!! We had dindin at this delish Thai place and cocktails afterwards.
A. Liz Adventures and I became instant friends because she is beyond kind, sweet, and genuine. Her blog and Etsy shop are among my all-time favorites!!! You simply must stop by, visit, and shop a little too. A. Liz and I chit chatted, laughed up a storm, and had a ball. Before I knew it, the night had gotten away from us!!! That just means another girls-night-out is a must, right!?! Xoxo-BLC
    PS: A very BIG congratulations to Nicki who won the Lifeguard Press "Plan to Sip in Style" giveaway!!! The Lilly Pulitzer agenda and wine glasses belong to YOU. Nicki, please email me at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com to claim your prize. Many thanks to all who entered and to Lifeguard Press for graciously co-hosting this fabulous giveaway!!! I think hosting giveaways is just as much fun as winning one. Cheers to planning and sipping in style.
    PSS: Since giveaways are sooo much fun, maybe another one should happen REAL soon. Whatcha think!?! :)


    1. Y'all both look gorgeous! I would love a night out with both of you!

    2. very cute picture! Seems like a fun time. I think YES for giveaway :)

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    4. Oh my goodness, I think I won! I am so excited!!


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