There is No Place Like ...

It's NYC Fashion Week!!! Fashion Week always gives me the itch for Fall. Fall clothes, Fall weather, Fall lattes, and oh so much more FALL. However, I plan on summering right up until September 22nd, the last day of Summer. I will sport black on September 23rd ... mostly to pout and bid Summer a proper farewell. The upside: Fall clothes always help me shake my summertime blues!!! I love the layering, the textures, and colors. It's more fussy and just what the doctor ordered to beat the sweater weather chill!!! I must admit, Lilly's Fall line is among my favorites. It's based on theatre, specifically The Wizard of Oz. It's one of my childhood favorites!!! Follow the Road Pink is one of my favorite prints. I think the sisters at Fashionably Bombed styled it to perfection. Speaking of Lilly and bombed, see Social Climbers favorite concoction: the Pink Lilly!!! It's delish. Off to summer some more!!! Xoxo-BLC


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