Hello Summertime!!!

While the weather plays catch-up,
Summertime is here in Lillyland!!!
Of course I always have a favorite frock.
My Spring favorite was my namesake.
My Summer favorite: the Delia Dress.
It's wedding appropriate, comfy, and just FUN!!!
And ... shhh: it's the Pink Palace favorite too.
I learned from Janie about 2011 Lilly themes: Resort = Literature, Spring = Art, Summer = Music, and Fall = Theater. Isn't that well balanced culture at it's finest!? So, do share: what is your favorite music!??!? Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett, and James Taylor are my three summer-favorites. Cheers to dancing to the music donned our favorite frock!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Yay for summer, wearing Lilly and listening to warm weather favorites! Kenny Chesney reminds me of summer! So glad you entered my giveaway. xx

  2. I'm loving the print inspiration boards, so gorgie!

    As for summer music? Jimmy Buffet for BBQs and chilling and Bruce Springsteen for driving to the beach!

    Happy Summer, Lady!

  3. I actually have a guest post tomorrow at Soulshine with some of my favorite summer tunes! I'm a big fan of country music in the summertime as well as Jimmy Buffett!

  4. Just went to a Jimmy Buffett concert last week, the perfect start to Summer!

  5. want you wearing it and dancing to all three this weekend to celebrate my 40!

  6. The Go-Gos, Little Feat and ZIGGY Marley always signal summer to me. And I don't recall spying that print over at Lillyland. Hmmm...must investigate further cuz it looks smaaashing! XXOO


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