Happy National Day of Prayer!!!

It's the National Day of Prayer!!!
It's a time to
be grateful,
and pray.
Every night,
for as long as I can remember,
I have prayed the same three prayers.
See left for all three. :)
Do pray the same prayers often too?
Today I especially pray for our country, our leaders, our troops, those sick, in need, or hurting, and to lead a life glorifying to God. I encourage you to join in and pray today too!!! Happy National Day of Prayer to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


  1. God Bless You and our Great Country!

    (by the way - I say the "God Bless..." Prayer every night, too!")

  2. When Babe's home we try and make it a practice to pray aloud together in bed. Someone once told him it was the healthiest thing you could do for a marriage. The best is when the Ti-Babes are in bed with us and we include them in prayer time. Even if I have to pin them down ;)

  3. Wow! I too have done the exact same prayers in the same order since I can remember!


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