Tag, You're It!

Many thanks to Bellamartinelli, Bernadette, Adventures of N&N, and Lexibrookie for tag-teaming me! I shortened the list because I might have played before here and here, but this is just too fun!! THE RULES: Step 1: Answer all, replace if you don't like, and add one of your own. Step 2: Tag others!

Current obsession: This killer black suit. SATC much!?
Namesake: BLC is my childhood pet name. And it's still kicking today.
Favorite Dinner: Lobster
Favorite brand of jeans: Citizens
Favorite tea flavor: Bojangles and make it sweet please.
Favorite owned jewelry: This, these, and an old family wedding band.
Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl
Listening to: Pandora
Bathroom cabinet holds: Velcro rollers, couldn't live without them.
Childhood dream: After space camp, I wanted to go to the moon.
I miss ... home.
If I could go anywhere in the next hour, I would ... visit my grandfather.
Person I want to meet: Queen of the Jungle
Five-Year-Plan: I am trying to plan less and just do more!
Today is special because: My family and friends are healthy and happy.
Where I blog: Library, kitchen table, sofa
My perfect day: By the ocean, with family and friends in reach, holding an umbrella covered drink in one hand and girlie book in the other!

And the winners are ... King and I, Summer is a Verb, Chic & Pink, Our Three Ring Circus, and Such a Loverly Life. Your turn lovebugs! Xoxo-BLC


  1. your perfect day is so so perfect :) love it!


  2. Yay, thanks for being such a good sport...even if you have done it quite a few times, haha! Have a great day!

  3. YAY! My very first tag! I'm excited :) Thanks for thinkin' of me - have a great Wednesday :)


  4. Love listening to Pandora, and I totally agree about velcro rollers!

  5. Mmmm lobster dinner, I haven't had it for ever! But I do love it with warm butter hehe

  6. I love your 5-year plan!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Thanks for the tag! I will be doing this when I get home. I love Gossip Girl and Pandora too. Your 5-year plan and perfect day both sound great to me...xoxo

  8. Yay! Thanks for doing this...again! I guess we all just want to know more about you :)

    So everyone seems to be really into Pandora. But I have a question: can I listen to "your" Pandora station, like if I liked your taste in music and wanted to know what else you listened to, or can I only make my own?

  9. I love the five year plan and now I am hungry for a lobster dinner!!

    I'd love to know which yoga studio you used to go to on Central. I had been going to Charlotte Yoga but it's a little pricey.

  10. I had to come over and see what a tag was hahaha...i'm going to do this on a weekend post along with my awards! Thank you! And, lobster one of my favs! Next time pair it with a bottle of very chilled Vueve Cliquot Rose (in the apropos pink and green bottle!)...heaven...XXOO

  11. yay, thanks! i'll get to this!

  12. I love that bathing suit! amazing price!!

  13. Nothing is better than Gossip Girl!!

  14. Love this one Miss BLC, especially the lobster and Velcro rollers!

  15. Pandora is amazing isn't it??

    And yes on the Lobster!!! Mmmmmm. my Fave!

  16. I agree! Favorite dinner ~~ Lobster!

  17. i am still dying to go to space camp! maybe if family double dare was around and I could pull that flag out of the nostril someone would send me.

  18. thanks for the tag! this one was a fun one to do!

  19. "Plan less" and do more is a difficult idea to adjust to, but a WONDERFUL life philosophy. Good luck pursuing it! (But honestly, it already seems like you have a good balance between organization and fun!)


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