Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to you and yours!! You can make a difference today by doing these "Real Simple" steps. My favorites: free the lint bunnies, curtail junk mail, reuse everything, and carry a water bottle. So please share ... what you are doing to make this a greener Earth? I am a recycle stickler! Why? Oh because I heard a little rumor this is the only planet with wine. Cheers to going green!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I must brag, my sissy Lala has always been green ... she even dressed as Mother Earth one Halloween when we were little chicks! :)


  1. We reuse & recylce water bottles. We always have some in the fridge but when we're out and about we sometimes end up buying one, so all extras get recycled. We recycle glass and aluminum too. Before we dry anything we ALWAYS clean out the lint trap...especially because after one load of towels it's FULL. :-)
    Have a fab day!

  2. "I heard a little rumor this is the only planet with wine"

    You are so funny!! Great tips!

  3. Love that little list from Real Simple..how easy are those things to do! I went grocery shopping today and I remembered to bring my reusable totes.

  4. Those are some great "real simple" tips! It was hard, but I finally took my name off all my catalog mailing lists (J. Crew, Pottery Barn, the list goes on and on). As much as I LOVE flipping through catalogs, it's just as easy to browse their websites!

  5. Such simple, doable tips. Kuddos!

  6. there's a national "do not mail" list to help stop the junk!


    I'm a huge green fan- so far I've done posts on canvas bags and reusable bottles, and plan to continue!

  7. i've turned into a no plastic bag stickler! i always carry some totes in my car and one roll up version in my purse!

    i also have traded in plastic water bottles for re-useable version!

  8. Starting with the new year my boyfriend and I only use cloth napkins at home. I'm a huge fan!

  9. I've been using the re-useable grocery bags. LOVE them!

  10. Since I'm a teacher, and I just happen to volunteer for EVERYTHING, I run our school's recycle program. Every day we recycle plastic bottles and used/scrap paper. It's amazing how much we've collected over the past year! Since I started this club, I've become quite the at-home recycler too. In fact, I get mad when the hubby throws away a potential recyclable item. We've got to do our part, folks!

    Happy Recycling!


  11. My hubby and I share one car... we live in Miami where this is not the norm... we went to one and donated his... so far so good!!!

    We live on Miami Beach and I have noticed we do not drive as much as we used to at all... in fact this semester I only drove two days a week... teaching days... and then we parked the car the rest of the long weekends and walked to get eggs, milk, diet coke, ben and jerry's, you know...

    definitely have consolidated car trips compared to the past... :)


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