Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday earmarks the Last Supper. As shown in Leonardo da Vinci's painting, Jesus and the disciples celebrated Passover, God's freeing of Israel from Egyptian slavery. Just as God freed Israel, Jesus liberated us. I do believe this is cause for celebration too! Enjoy this holy day! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Oh, what is this I hear about the first Pink Moon!? :)


  1. My church has a Maundy Thursday service (combined with another church we're friendly with--do things together often). I'm working in the nursery though. Should be interesting seeing as I worked out HARD yesterday morning and am SOOOOO sore today. LOL! Maybe I'll be able to just sit in a rocker and just rock a baby. LOL

  2. I LOVE MAUDY THURSDAY SERVICES! It's great and its a low point during resurrection week and with no low point its not as amazing on easter sunday. I love how the service ends in silence at least at my church. Unfortunately we had company so I didn't get to go this week! :(

  3. I sure is!!

    Happy Easter :)

  4. I love this post!!! Thank you for posting it! Happy Easter!

  5. fab post lovey and loved that the pink moon fell on my birthday :)


  6. I thought about this painting all Thursday long!! So glad you had a good Easter! :)


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