Laser Tag!

Okay, no real laser tag, but special thanks to Pearls and Bows for playing tag. Here goes! THE RULES: Step 1: Answer all, replace if you don't like, and add one of your own. Step 2: Tag eight others!

Wearing right now: PJ's.
Biggest fear: Stacy and Clinton forcing me to give up my wardrobe.
Ever nap: Never ... I wish I did.
Last person you hugged: Ale ... awe!!
Must-visit-websites: Gmail, Lilly Pulitzer, and Blogspot
Last purchase: Zoo tickets (I heart the zooooo).
If I were on the Oregon Trail ... Omg, not starving to death. The game never played nice with me.
If I turned into a boy, I would: Call Beyonce, she should have some advice.
Celeb haircut that influenced mine:
Me and every other girl in 6th grade (it was the Jennifer Anniston layered look).
Most embarrassing moment:
Senior Prom. As the group and I left my house after the major photo op, my steppadre yells, "BLC, don't eat too much." Don't eat too much!? WHAT!??? He still hasn't lived that one down (thanks Mom!).
Age you were at first kiss:
Does tackling a boy and forcing him to stay still long enough for me to lay a wet one on count!? If so, kindergarden. Yep, I was a whor-iffic 6 year-old.
If you had a whole day to yourself, no work, commitments, interruptions, what would you do? Visit my two living heros ... my Grandad and my sister Elsie. I don't see enough of either of them.
If you were able to see into the future, would you look? Absolutely. My grave will totally read, "Curiosity killed the cat."


  1. You have to try to nap. Is the best!!!

  2. Oh no, I can't believe your dad yelled that as you were leaving for prom. Why do dads like to embarrass us?

  3. I love the "Don't eat too much" comment! That is hilarious!


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