Ti`bi or Not To Be

Yes, I cheat on Lilly Pulitzer sometimes. Some of my other favorite designers are Trina Turk, Milly, and Tibi, who makes the ruffled frock pictured. Be honest, do you like it or not? Sometimes I think I am channeling my grandmother, who does have fabulous taste. For example, she gave me clothes for Christmas that I mistaken left at her house. I know, poor etiquette! She called to let me know and agreed to mail them. But, before sending them, she asked if she could wear a piece or two. Does that mean that I am frumpy or that she is hip?? So, Tibi or not Tibi? Help! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Haha, sounds like my grandmother and I :) I really like the Tibi dress!

  2. I like it! Also, I just finished the questions from your tag! Sorry it took me so long!

  3. Honestly? I don't know you and I'm a fairly new reader so I can't remember if I've ever seen your picture - so honestly, if you're tallish and leanish, I think this dress is too fab for words! LOVE it, but you gotta rock it with some smokin heels! However if your super short, a little more curvy, or really busty, I fear it might look a little grannyish... I love this dress and saw it once before, but I'm pretty busty and that ruffle over my lovely lady lumps would just be a disaster on me! hahahaha
    Your granny sounds AWESOME though!!!

  4. I love it, but I love allll ruffles!

  5. It's soooo you. Forget garish suits and throw some color into the legal profession.

    However, this little post does beg the question... whatever happened to NY resolutions, darling? (Oh well, who needs them anyway?)



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