Bess Frans

I am so thankful for these girls and their friendship. I loooove meeting the precious twins and seeing Stella preggers. I wish we didn't live so far away but I cherish our moments together. Already looking forward to our beach trip next summer with allllll the babies!!! Xoxo-BLC



It's Squeak's first Clemson game and what a good one! Our college besties came, babies and all. It was an evening game, so we drove in at naptime, set up the tailgate, and Squeak was ready to play for the afternoon. We were able to see so many of our college friends and it was sooo wonderful being back in Clemson, as always. We intended to go into the game, but with worn out babies and bedtime fast approaching, the girls headed back to Greenville while the boys watched the game. Squeak looooves Clemson and was such a wonderful tailgater. It was the best time and I can't wait to do it again ... say next weekend!?! Xoxo-BLC

PS: You know the Duke fan inside can't help but say ... I always love stomping UNC!!!

Little Tiger!!!

Squeak is the cutest little tiger!!! We talked a lot about Clemson over her first year of life and she is SOOO excited to go to Clemson for the first time ever!!! We are too. We love this little tiger!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Summer officially ended yesterday.
The only way to properly mourn summertime ending is ...
... all things black: wearing black, drinking black coffee, black boots, etc.
So why not bewitch TCSK and great for 'ween a little early!?!
I am looking forward to a FUN-filled Fall and, as always its festivities.
Wishing you and yours the happiest FALL!!!


Sissy's Paintings on Society Social!!!

I am BEYOND thrilled for my sweet friend and painter of Sissy's Paintings!!! We all LOVE Society Social and I just think this is the biggest deal ever: Sissy's Paintings is the featured artist with a pop up shop!!! You can shop here: at Society Social! The paintings are going fast!!! Sissy has great price points from $45 to $475 to fit any budget. I am so proud of you Sissy and even more thrilled to call you a friend. Xoxo-BLC

PS: It's a little early for #tbt, but you have seen Sissy's Paintings before on TCSK here: http://thecompanyshekeeps.blogspot.com/search?q=sissy%27s!!! 


Take Me Away ...

My favorite thing about TCSK: a history of memories. I love jumping back in time to see what we were up to, what we were interested in, and what we dreamed of. My favorite thing is traveling and it is so fun to see back in 2009, I was hoping to go to Jackson Hole, New Orleans, Chicago, and London. Since then, I've made it to New Orleans and Chicago. It's fun to strike a few off the list and add a few more, so here goes:

I want to ski in Jackson Hole, WY and return to Telluride, CO.
I want to sun bathe in Bermuda and return to Palm Beach, FL.
I want to hop the pond to the England, Italy, France, Morocco, Monaco, and return to Greece.
I want to walk down memory lane and return to my favorite spot: Lake Lure, NC.
I want to drink wine and walk the hills in Napa Valley, CA.

Traveling seems harder with a bambino. Do you buy an extra seat or hold the baby on your lap? What if the baby gets sick and you are so far from home? How do you adjust to jetleg? Do you bring a babysitter? Regardless of the questions, I am determined to make it happen. The best travel advice I've gotten from parents that make it look easy: just do it. That's all part of the fun, right!?! Cheers to dreaming of place to go and explore. Take me away ... anywhere!!! Xoxo-BLC


Squeak Turns ONE!!! Last post ...

Last post about Squeak's first birthday ... promise!!! Our friends texted us these pictures and they were too cute not to share!!! We LOVE you Squeak!!! Xoxo-BLC


Squeak Turns ONE!!! The CAKE ...

Squeak LOVED her smash cake!!! She generally likes playing with food (and Stewart has no objections at all!). We all sang happy birthday and she was thrilled. She played with the cake and we fed her bits and pieces ... but playing with it was more fun than eating it. It was sooo funny to watch and definitely a favorite moment for me. I had the BEST time planning and throwing her birthday party. I hope we always do simple, backyard parties. It was so wonderful celebrating this sweet life and our favorite year yet with Squeak!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Photography by Rebecca Wesson http://rebeccawessonphotography.com/ !!!


Squeak Turns ONE!!! The Family ...


One of our babysitters is also a talented photography. She took our Christmas card picture this past year and I will find any excuse to have her shoot our sweet family. Squeak's birthday party was a perfect excuse! It was such a luxury having someone snap photographs and let me enjoy the party (and be in pictures!). My in-laws came early to play with Squeak and we snuck in a few family only photographs. I meant to get a whole family picture, but we just got busy partying. I am beyond thankful for my sweet family. They are best gift in life!!! I love love love Squeak and Ale - you two make life colorful and the most fun. Xoxo-BLC
PS: Photography by Rebecca Wesson http://rebeccawessonphotography.com/ !!!