Gossip Girl ... Going, Going, GONE!!!

Monday's are dead to me. Gossip Girl ended tonight and I had my fingers (and toes) crossed that it wasn't really so. Going, going, gone ... really gone!?! Say it ain't so. 
 Has it REALLY been SIX years!?! I started watching GG right when I finished college.
I felt "too old" to watch, but I did read the books in my childhood ... so I couldn't help myself.
I'm still shocked its ALL over. What a whirlwind and it was TOO much fun!!!
What next ... Monday Night Football!?! I guess I owe my husband after six years of GG ...

The episodes might have ended, but who is to say TCSK posts must ...
PSS: Blair has been my Halloween-inspiration for YEARS ... 
how will I ever pick out another 'ween outfit!?!?!


  1. I'm SO sad that GG is over, but the ending was perfect!

  2. Uh, hello, my Twitter "persona" and subsequent blog stemmed from Ms. Blair Cornelia Waldorf* and I am SO SAD the show is over!!!

    But it ended the way I wanted......

    *Mrs. Charles Bass


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