Mrs. TCSK :: Gift Guide 2012

When people find out I have this little blog, they always ask what I blog about. And I happily respond: ME!!! I confessed that in my very first post ever: the purpose of this blog is completely selfish. It's my happies, my colorful life, the company I keep, and wearing it all well. Selfish, selfish, selfish. So, not to break my selfish stride, here is my Mrs. TCSK wishlist:
:: Noble House Designs Necklace :: Devon Baer Necklaces :: Loren Hope Necklace :: Noble House Designs Necklace :: Zoo Membership :: Carrie Dunham Clutch :: Lilly Pulitzer Helene Dress :: Aerin Makeup :: Fur Shoe Clips :: Butter Pumps :: Ashley Brooke Designs Notecards :: Elizabeth McKay Key Fob :: Herend Figures ::

Dish: what is on YOUR wishlist!?! Any must-haves or the one BIG item you've been pining for!?! Do share and fingers crossed that ALL your wishes and wants come true. Xoxo-BLC


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