Fit for a Princess

Undoubtedly, Jenny Packham designs frocks fit for a princess.
Princess Kate wore one of her creations to a recent black-tie charity event ...
While Princess Blair wore a strikingly similar one on Gossip Girl.
I have confessed before:
Princess Kate is definitely one of my style icons.
But then again ... so is Blair!!!
I've been her for the last two Halloweens:
As Blair and as Blair-esque.
... and Leighton Meester herself is totaly style icon it-girl as well!!!
So dish:
Would you rather make a living designing such amazing frocks???
Or ...
Would you rather attend events beckoning such amazing gowns!?!
Either way is a win-win in my book. :)
Chin chin to Princess Kate and Princess Blair wearing it well!!!


  1. Beautiful, I like Kate in it best. I would love to design clothes!

  2. They are both so gorgeous and classy - it must be such fun to wear these amazing pieces!

  3. This is an awesome comparison! I can't believe they had the same dres... Well actually, I can...


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