Frill Me!!!

Remember my vintage lust!? I’ve been on the hunt ever since. I am thrilled to announce, three little vintage Lilly Pulitzer frocks have found their way into my closet this Spring.Their dubbed “The Lillys.” A sneak peek:
After alternations, these vintage Lilly’s frill me up and down and all over again!!! More details sooon. Until then, dish: do you adore vintage too!?!? If so, where is the hunting good!? I found my three thrills on Etsy. Vintage frills to you and yous. Xoxo-BLC


  1. I just adore those vintage labels...Oh ps...I just got to see the resort 2011 line! Oh you will just die Rosie!

  2. Oooh, can't wait to see more than just the label! :) Please share soon. I've enjoyed catching up on your blog now that we are back from the honeymoon!

  3. My grandmother lived in Lilly during the 60s and we both wish she still had her pieces for me to wear now!

  4. I got my first vintage Lilly from ebay recently...it fits, except for the ribcage...hoping I don't have to get crazy alterations! Can't wait to see your finds!


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