Camping + Glamorous = Glamping!!! As a child, I glamped on our deck. The yard had way too many bugs. Plus, on the deck, you could open the french doors and feel the cool breeze from the air condition.
AC, outlets, and running water are all musts when glamping ...
So is a pink sleeping bag and the pink romper. Duh!!! Mamatella use to read me to sleep every night. Best childhood memory!!! The summer after second grade, I graduated from glamping to real camping at Camp Lurecrest. In the fabric of my life, Camp Lurecrest colored my childhood more than ever imaginable. Don't fret, I still squeal like a 5 year old every time I see a bug!!! Ewww. Cheers to glamping ... and camping too!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. ohhhh -- those were the days! I wonder what we're reading? xoxoxo

  2. Love the romper! Glamping is fab.

  3. What a cute photo! I wouldn't even camp outdoors - I would build forts and tents in the living room with the couch pillows and blankets and sleep there. :)

  4. Glamping is the only way to camp, IMO. Adorbs!

  5. Hahaha, I love it! I have a big backyard so we love to camp out in it!


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