Spring State of Mind

Forget Groundhog Phil, I'm already in a Spring state of mind!!! I'm in luck because so is Lilly Pulitzer and their Spring collection just launched. Lilly State of Mind is always happy, fun, and bright! Don't you agree!?!
Confession: Spring prints usually don't grab me and demand coming to live with. I'm more into the three other season. However, this Spring is TDF!!! I have two favorite prints ... I just couldn't choose.
One of my favorites, the Lilly State of Mind pattern!!! Which is your favorite?!! I have to pull for the home team and say North Carolina. South Carolina and Pennsylvania with the Pink Palace are pretty cute too.
Like Lilly says: no GPS, no plane ticket. just a sunny state of mind. Until the weather catches up, I'm joining Lilly and staying on the sunny side!!! Hurry up Springtime.

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  1. I am from Michigan so I am definitely loving that one! xo


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