Happy LEAP Day!!!

Happy Leap Day to you and yours!!! Something about leap day gives me the itch to do something wild.
It only happens every four years and this day just beckons doing something FUN. Don't you agree!?!
Above is a poster a college friend of mine made for the Cooper Bridge run in honor of our friend Sydney. "Living out loud, on purpose, and off the grid" was Sydney's motto as she fought a brain tumor --- isn't it bold and colorful!?! Six months ago today we lost her but heaven gained her. On her husband's blog, he urged Sydney's friends to do this: "So I challenge you today, on behalf of Sydney, do something completely ridiculous. And by all means, let it entertain you and others." I think leap day is the PERFECT day to do something completely ridiculous and entertaining oh behalf of Sydney. I dare you to do the same ... and make it WILD because it will take four years before it happens again!!! Xoxo-BLC

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