In Good and Clever Company

Here at The Company She Keeps, we are all about good company. But combine good with clever and oh what fun!!! One of my dear friends and former college roommate, The Company of Clever, is host of The Friday List link-up!!! This is my first-ever link up and I am beyond excited. I live for lists. I have a lists for grocery shopping to honey-do's for my honey to wish lists to decorating lists to you name it. While I am certain those lists would bore you, I am certain this list will not. Below is a list of my real-life friends that blog:

The Company of Clever: college roomate living abroad in Europe and traveling like bananas
A Liz Adventures: blog friend turned real-life friend and ah-mazing jewelry maker
Beantown Prepster: one of my very best friends and native North Carolinean
Classic Annie: blog friend turned real-life friend and soon to-be-Mrs.
I'm A Nola Girl: blog friend turned real-life friend
Live, Laugh, and Lunch in Louboutins: childhood friend and recent college graduate
Love Being a Nonny: friend and role model from my Camp Lurecrest days
Maggie Mayd: college chum, recent Mrs., and uber talented artist
Meredith Daniel's Photography: childhood friend and recent fur-mama
Monograms and Manicures: blog friend turned real-life friend
Moss Floral Events: college chum, best friend, my favorite florist/event planner
Muffy Martini: blog friend turned real-life friend
Paul and Josclyn in Abu Dhabi: childhood friend and living a dream life abroad in Abu Dhabi
Pink Preppy Lilly Lover: blog friend turned real-life friend and fellow Lilly Lover
Recipes From Newlyweds: best friend and fantastic cook
The Duchess and the Duke: my sister-in-law!!! She rocks
This Little Nest: bestie with a hip nestie ... see her recent Southern Living feature --- TDF!
The Sweet Southern Life: college chum and one of my most thoughtful friends
The View from Five Foot Two: childhood friend

Please note, I did not include my friends who blog and have children as those blog seem more intimate and private. You know who you are, so if you want to be added, just let me know and I will do so gladly!!! I am so blessed to sit in such good company. I encourage you to visit these blogs as they top my daily-must-reads. Many thanks to The Company of Clever for hosting this super fun link up --- please join in and this little list lover cannot wait to read everyone's lists!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Oh How sweet....I did this once, a long time ago, I need to do it again! Can't wait to check out all these blogs!

  2. This is so fun! :) Lots of love to you!! Can't wait to check out all of these lovelies!

  3. I am so honored! TCSK was the first blog I ever followed, this beautiful and amazing blogganista started it all for me!

  4. Thank you for including me! I feel so honored, but even more honored to call you a friend!!!

  5. You're so sweet to include me! :) Much love my friend!

  6. what a wonderful list, and so colorful too! i love love love discovering new daily reads, so glad you posted some of your favs & joined my link-up!



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