This Is So Clutch

You know what is so clutch!?! k.slademade. She hands down has the best clutches ever. I prefer clutches to handbags and finding good, quality clutches is tough stuff. k.slademade is now my one-stop-shop!!!
I carried the large pony leather clutch to the wedding yesterday. This color goes perfectly with black, brown, grey ... you name it. My husband couldn't stop complimenting the clutch. My husband appreciating fashion!?! YES PULEAZE!!!
I couldn't just pick one clutch from her fabulous line and my other choice was the true navy. Tis rather though to find a navy clutch and I just love this one to pieces!!! As you can see, the clutches can stay small or expand due to their fold-over style. I simply adore this entire line!!! My next k.slademade purchase is sure to be one from her tribal collection. TDF!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. These are gorgeous and o so practical too!

  2. LOVE these bags!
    I hope it's ok that I shared this post on my new little blog! Of course I gave you all the credit :)
    So excited for my clutch to come in! Thanks for sharing!



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