Lilly Palooza

Lilly. Pulitzer. Warehouse. Sale. You had me at Lilly!!!
My invitation arrived in the mail this week and I am itching to go.
Mark your calendars for December 9th and 10th. Note the new location (Adventures of a Southern Newlywed and I were chit chatting about this on twitter and we wish it was further south ... like in Charlotte or Palm Beach, but it's still KoP). I had the best time this last Spring and highly recommend all Lilly Lovers make the trip. It is sooo much fun being in a massive room surrounded by loads of Lilly and in the company of other Lilly Lovers. So, are you tickled pink to be going??? If so, make me greenwith envy!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Why is it that I still have NEVER been to a warehouse sale! One day I'm gonna get there!

  2. I wish they hadn't changed the dates! Now I cant go!

  3. Going to one of these sales is on my bucket list, ha! I also vote to bring the sale to Charlotte :) I hope everyone going has a great time and scores some sweet deals!


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