Oh what a week ...

Oh what a week it has been!!! Here is the run-down:

Monday: I am on council for a local Kappa Delta chapter and they graciously invited me to a dinner at their house in honor of their new college president. It was such a wonderful night and I was so touched to be included. These girls consistently blow me away and I think the new college president felt the same.

Wednesday: I did my first gig as a big-girl-attorney: I attended a deposition in the place of an attorney at my firm. Don't get too excited: I was instructed not to say anything. Ha! When I arrived, I told the receptionist I was there for the deposition and she told me: "Let me know when your attorney gets here and I'll take you back to the conference room." When I told her that I was the attorney, she took me to the conference room and then the court reporter told me my raincoat was pretty. It was my suit jacket, but whatever.

Sidebar: I think I failed to formally mention: I PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!! I'm still jumping for joy. I'm so joyful about it, I signed up to take other state's bar upon my firms request (ughhh). Fingers crossed lightening strikes twice and I can pass it again!!!

Winesday (@blairsheadband informed me this is a different, more fun day than Wednesday): Since I had to travel to the land of The Pink Pelican for my deposition, I took my pretty-raincoat-suit-jacket self by for a visit of their new store. It is TDF!!! It's easy peasy to find, the shopgirls could not be more friendly, and the shopping is more than fun. It's a must see if you are in their neck of the woods. I wouldn't have ever left, but I had dinner plans with A. Liz Adventures!!! She is the best --- all smiles and just a bundle of fun. She taught me all about the 21st century: apps, words with friends, etc. I cannot wait to squeeze her again soon!!!

Thursday: It's my first day ever in court alone!!! I was so excited/nervous/pumped I can't stand it. I get to the courthouse an hour away only to have my client fail to appear. I didn't make it out of the courthouse before I teared up. Oh dear!!! Don't fret: I went back to court that afternoon on another case and my client did appear. The hearing went smooth as butter. Phew!!! Needless to say, my standing Thursday night plans with the girls was much needed.

Saturday: My dad called me before Clemson halftime and asked me if we needed grief counseling for the Clemson v. NC State game. I'd like to change my answer to YES!!! Lord have mercy. If we loose, I prefer to loose to a family members alma mater and we did just that: my NC-State-grad-sister is thrilled to pieces. Our local TV station even pulled the game before our fourth quarter. Ouch!!! I'm keeping the faith ... but still not buying any plane tickets Miami just yet!!!

So there you have it: what a week!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Omg! I'm so excited you passed the bar! I was wondering :) my bf passed too! Hope you had a chance to celebrate during your busy week!

  2. Congratulations on passing the bar exam!

  3. Congrats on the bar! My boyfriend's sister just passed hers in California, I hear it isn't easy! And yes, Winesday really is a lifestyle choice. The correct lifestyle choices.... (obvi!)

  4. You have been busy--your love for friends and family during the craziness, however, shines through!

  5. First, a humungous CONGRATULATIONS on the bar exam AND the fact you have an attorney position already! The bf used to do a lot of court appearances at his old job and it was wild how many people didn't show up. Sounds like you had a busy week with tons of fun with A. Liz, your friend's baby girl, and DZ sisters. :)

  6. Wow. what a week!

    Congrats on passing the bar!


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