Oh la la, my thinspiration is tied on the side with itsy-bitsy bows!!!
Frankly I am sinking, not swimming.
During the school year, my workout routine is like clockwork.
During finals its hit and miss.
During the summertime ... working out, what is that!??
Yes, my workout routine currently is non-existent!
So all you working girls, do tell:
how to find the time to work and workout!? 
I'm off to squeeze in my first workout since finals. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Pack your gym clothes and go straight from work. If I go home first, I am less likely to make it for a work out.

  2. I need to work out. I also need that gem of a bathing suit!!

  3. I work out now that's it summer but during the school year I'm horrible about it during the school year! Good luck! Love the suit!

  4. I agree with Rachel - if I didn't go right after work I would never make it. I also get everything ready ahead of time. On Sunday night I lay out all of my gym clothes for the week and fold six "packets" (shirt, shorts, socks, etc) so every morning I just have to grab a pack and throw it in my gym bag. On my days off I go first thing in the morning because once I get started doing other things, I run out of motivation!

  5. I love that bathing suit! might need to print it out and put it on my fridge to inspire me :)


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