New York Minute

If you had a New York Minute next Thursday, what would you do? Well two of my favorite designers, Lilly Pulitzer and KEP Designs, are teaming up for a wine, cheese, and shopping event!!! I had the good fortune to meet KEP's Kelley Pillman at a trunk sale in Charlotte many moons ago. She is just lovely! Her jewels compliment Lilly shifts so well. And, Kelley is making limited edition pieces just for this event! Oh la la!!! I will be in Philly, but make if you can!!! Cheers to living the pink and green life. Xoxo-BLC


  1. Cheers indeed babycakes, you and I must catch up asap so we can plan our get together in KOP! I have to be in AC for business M-Th but am free Thursday after 12PM so I will miss camping out :( Please let me know your plans honey and I will come find you!! xoxo Been missing you! xxoxo

  2. Wish I could go! Have fun in Philly!

  3. dyyyyyyying to go, LOVE both, I sport my KEP twisty potato pearl necklace with many the lilly shift. flawless and easypeasy!




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