Shake Your Money Tree

US-unf-AIR maaaaaade me. I had to shake my money tree because ... Effie is getting married and bridal showers are a very pivotal part, as a bridesmaid, to wish her well! Doesn't US-unf-AIR and big-time-firm-partner (i.e. culprit behind missing my original scheduled flight) get that!? Oh, wait, they don't. I am now paying through the roof to fly in on time for Effie's shower. And ... it's worth every single penny! I wouldn't miss it for the world. I am so looking forward to seeing the CU girlies, our mums, and toasting to the bride-to-be. Do you ever have shake shake shake your money tree? Xoxo-BLC


  1. Sometimes you just gotta do it! I always have to do it when something break suddenly and I have to pay to fix it...boo.

  2. My arms are sore from shaking, and sadly, nothing is falling :-(

    Have fun at the shower!


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