Celeb Du Jour

Who: Leighton Meester 
What: Actress, Singer, Songwriter
Wear: Upper East Side Preppy

I heart her because she is super chic and always lovely. And, I am uber obsessed with Gossip Girl. Sad, but true. Cut me some slack, I read the books as a tween and am reliving some glory years each episode. I am keeping my fingers crossed that next Monday the episode will be new. Oh, and I hear LM might be engage to a certain hunk (i.e. Sebastian Stan). If true, congrats LM! Yaya for celeb du jour. Xoxo-BLC


  1. GG does air next Monday, 8 pm! I for one can't wait! I'm obsessed as well :)

  2. I love LM's wardrobe on Gossip Girl so much! Oh we have such similar taste, I'm so glad we're swap partners too :)

  3. Leighton has such a great real-life wardrobe. She wears beautiful and fashion-forward dresses to all the events.

    And Gossip Girl next Monday IS new!!! I've seen a preview on youtube, and the episode looks exciting!

  4. I heart LM and cannot wait to see a new episode of GG!

  5. I LOVE her! She was just a few blocks from my hotel on Saturday but I didn't know until after


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