Amp the Vamp

Popsy, a dear friend, told me Twilight was "the most romantic love story of all time." I kid you not. I asked her if she had ever read/watched Gone with the Wind. Anyhoo, we saw the movie and she tossed the book my way before the holiday. And OMG. The movie was fantastic, the book was remarkable, and I am officially on the bandwagon. All thanks to Popsy! Pullleaze tell me you are vamping it up too! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I'm glad you're on the bandwagon! The movie and book are amazing. Robert Pattinson is so gorgeous! which is a huge plus!

  2. I finished the earrings and they turned out great! Email me your information and I would be happy to send you a pair. My email is aliehsc616@yahoo.com

  3. My daughter is OBSESSED! She made a sign for her room saying "You are entering the Twilight Zone" and all her walls are pics of the characters in the movie. Lol.

    Hey, at least she's reading!

  4. I was looking through some of your past entries and had to comment here. Like you I was totally late to the Twilight bandwagon. I kept thinking it was going to be incredibly stupid but . . . I'm HOOKED! SUCH A GOOD LOVE STORY. I can't believe it. Plus Robert Pattinson is super hot.


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